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Get to Know the 2017-2018 Senior Advisory Council Members

Get to Know the 2017-2018 Senior Advisory Council Members

Maddie Kline and Taylin Montague were selected to serve on the 2017-2018 Senior Advisory Council during the 2017 S.D. Farmers Union State Convention, held in Huron this last December.

In this role, Kline, a freshman at South Dakota State University, and Montague, a senior at New Underwood High School planning to attend Black Hills State University in the spring, will provide advice and act as mentors to the six member Junior Advisory Council.

Below, the youth leaders visit about what they look forward to in this new leadership role and discuss how the personal leadership development and communication skills they developed through Farmers Union educational programming has helped prepare them to be mentors.  

What are you most looking forward to in this new leadership role?

Maddie Kline Answers:  I’m looking forward to making my last year in camp the best year yet. With my leadership skills and past experience as a member of the Junior Advisory Council (JACs) I will be able to mentor the current JACs through the obstacles of their new roles. I can teach them how to be better leaders and mentors among other campers and how to go about things.

Taylin Montague Answers: I look forward to the opportunity to give back to Farmers Union.  Being an influence and role model to upcoming campers is an honor and is something I have always aspired to. To me serving on the Senior Advisory Council means that I am a productive member of Farmers Union, I am an advocate and others see me as a strong leader and role model.

How did Farmers Union prepare you for this mentorship role?

Maddie Kline Answers:  In Farmers Union we talk a lot about leadership and cooperation and what that means for youth. We get to learn how to make the most out of our leadership ability while having fun along the way. The skills that Farmers Union has instilled in me helped me throughout high school and now I can take those skills with me to college.

Taylin Montague Answers: Farmers Union has taught me a countless amount of skills and lessons. After being awarded the Bob Janish Memorial Friendship Award I was brought to the realization of how many people see what I do and how I am as a person. Because of Farmers Union I have learned that being a positive influence and someone others can look up to is incredibly rewarding. I have learned that stepping up and taking a leadership role is not scary but an honor.

To learn more about this Farmers Union Education Programs, contact Rachel Haigh-Blume, S.D. Farmers Union Education Director at Rachel@sdfu.org or visit www.sdfu.org.

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Junior REAL

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Three Ways Jr. REAL Creates Community Leaders

Junior Rural Economics and Leadership (Jr. REAL) is an innovative leadership development program that invests in high school juniors and seniors and presents a comprehensive one-day seminar to students from various high schools in different locations across South Dakota. Student participants engage in hands-on exercises focused on leadership development, credit issues and identity theft, life skills, and motivation.

Jr. REAL aims to mold youth into leaders, starting with civic responsibility and engagement in their own rural communities..

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REAL Program

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2018 REAL Applications Now Available

South Dakota Farmers Union is currently accepting applications for participants in the 2018 Rural Economic and Leadership (REAL) Development Program. REAL allows the opportunity to meet people from throughout the state while learning how to motivate yourself and your community toward financial growth, stability, and a positive future. 

Please go online to http://www.sdfu.org/education/real-program to register or call (605) 352-6761 ext 125 and talk to Rachel. Get involved. Be Changed.

Dates for the 2018 class are January 23-24 in Huron, February 27-28 in Pierre, and March 20-21 TBA.

A $50 registration fee is required for all participants. South Dakota Farmers Union provides all meals and hotel accommodations free of charge for participants. 

Questions? Contact Rachel Haigh-Blume at (605) 352-6761 ext 125 or Rachel@sdfu.org.

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Quiz Bowl

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Sunshine Bible Academy FFA Chapter Named Quiz Bowl Champions During Team Up For Safety State Fair Competition

Sunshine Bible Academy FFA Chapter won today's S.D. Farmers Union Team Up For Safety Quiz Bowl held during the South Dakota State Fair in Huron.

Team members include: Evan Lopez, Shelby Belmore, Andrew Hoffman and Christopher Hass.

 The team was recognized with a cash prize.

 The Team Up For Safety competition is run in a game-show format and held each year as a fun reminder to teens to keep safety top of mind.

"For most of us in South Dakota, we like to think we're pretty in tune with what's going on around us," says Doug Sombke, South Dakota Farmers Union President. "But life moves pretty fast and it's easy to take little things for granted. It could be something as simple as just taking the time to read labels on chemicals or applications and making sure you don't harm yourself or your livestock."

Along with Sunshine Bible Academy other FFA Chapters to compete included; Tri-Valley, Wolsey/Wessington and Viborg/Hurley. These teams qualified for the quiz bowl during the 2017 State FFA Convention held in Brookings this April.

"You have to have fun with it and you have to learn something," says Tri-Valley FFA member, Levi Burggraff who farms and ranches with his family near Colton and competed on the qualifying team this April. "You need to know what you're doing on a farm, because it's dangerous. You can't be horsing around cattle or machinery. I want to keep things calm...and keep all my limbs."

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