Youth Camping Program

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The South Dakota Farmers Union Foundation provides camps for youth of all ages. The camps provide an atmosphere of recreation, adventure and fun while our youth learn about Farmers Union, cooperatives, leadership and social interaction. These camps are divided into three categories: State, District and County Camps. Camps run from end of May through middle of August each summer.

County Camps are held in every county across South Dakota and are under the direction of local and county volunteer directors of education. These are planned for 6 to 13 year old children. Camps include a number of activities, such as tours, cooperative learning, games, crafts, singing and much more.

There are District Camps cooperatively held throughout South Dakota, Lake Richmond in Aberdeen, SD, Swan Lake near Viborg, SD and Camp Bob Marshall in Custer, SD. Each camp is held from two to four days in length and they are planned for 6-13 year olds.

State Leadership Camp provides the opportunity for Senior Youth who have completed the seventh grade through the summer following their senior year to attend the week long State Leadership Camp at Camp Placerville in Rapid City. At camp, youth organize and operate five cooperative businesses. They will also learn about Farmers Union, other cooperative businesses, participate in leadership workshops, listen to guest speakers and participate in talent night. A tour of the Black Hills, hiking, volleyball, basketball and fun cooperative games complete the camp experience and leave campers with lasting memories and many new friends.

All levels of camp activity have seen substantial growth and we are looking for even more participation in the years to come. We are very excited about the youth camping program’s success and look forward to a bright future. Everyone is welcome and invited to participate!

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